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University High School
Class of 58

University High School

West Los Angeles

You have arrived at the homepage of the University High School Vagabond Class of Summer 1958. At this Web site you will find just about everything you ever wanted to know about people in the Vagabond and Tahitian classes . Where they are now, what they've been up to for the last 40+ years, their families, their careers, their accomplishments and their failures.
The 40th Reunion happened on October 17th, 1998 and was a great success. Over 300 people showed up, ate dinner, danced, schmoozed and made contact with old friends. It all was over too soon. The next day about 50 people showed up for a picnic at the University High campus. In the future this Web site will feature photos, lists, and commentary about those two events. In addition, more biographical sketches, family photos and photos from the past will be featured. The content is up to you. If you are a member of one of these two classes and you want to be included, send your information to one of the two addresses below. We are particularly interested in what you thought of the Reunion. Any comments or suggestions for future reunions would be greatly appreciated and would help form the 50th, which is what's next in 2008.
As for the format of this Web site, the "Reunion" page as well as the minutes of the committee meetings will be dependent on the input of the class members and the reunion committee. The Reunion Committee will meet one more time in the first week of November 1998. The minutes for that meeting will be posted in some prominent place on this Website so that people can know what their conclusions were about the reunion.


Keeper of the Scrolls:

Vagabond Reunion Committee
c/o Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman
555 N. Marquette St.
Pacific Palisades, CA

01 (310) 454-4081 - VOICE
01 (310) 454-2505 - FAX


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Sad news:

 Coach James L. Pursell 
passed away last year (2004) at 104


What's New

Gidget, Bob Mattis and I are currently Updating

The Vagabond Reunion Committees Database

So if any of your Info has changed since 1998

Please Drop us a note.

  • Ron Chase writes: Classmates may be interested to know that I've published a book, and that in any case I am still alive. To verify these statements I attach two images. One is the cover of my book and the other is a fairly recent portrait of the author (together with some subject material from the book).

    Vagabonds may have more than an ordinary interest in the book since two of the species featured in it are local residents of Southern California. The sea hare, Aplysia californica, is illustrated on the cover. Beach goers have no doubt seen specimens stranded near the shore, often covered in their own purple ink. Also featured in the book is the brown garden snail, Helix aspersa. Although Vaggies probably consider this animal a pest, or worse, it has been my bread-and-butter experimental animal for the past 15 years. Californians should be grateful that I import about 1,000 of the snails to Canada every year.

    The book "Behavior and its Neural Control in Gastropod Molluscs." 
    is published by Oxford University Press , New York, 336 pp

    My professional webpage, recently updated, is listed below.

    Best regards,
    Ronald Chase: now 
    (24 August 2005)
    Department of Biology, McGill University
    1205 Ave. Docteur Penfield
    Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1B1, Canada
    514-398-6422 (tel)
    514-398-5069 (fax)

  • Just received this info from Jay:  then...

    Hi Durk,
    I wanted all Vagabond classmates to know that I have just opened a new Off-Broadway Musical
    called A STOOP ON ORCHARD STREET. Any class member and their spouse or significant 
    other is welcome to be my guest at the show, should they be visiting New York.

    They can e-mail me directly at and I will have tickets set aside for them.
    They can also check out the show at

    Jay Kholos  now....
    Writer/Producer, A STOOP ON ORCHARD STREET
    (12 July 2003)

  • UniHi Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter (not available online or by e mail)
     a copy can be obtained by sending an e-mail to:
     Carolyn Lynch (Alumni coordinator)
    With your postal address, asking to be put on the mailing list and for a copy of the latest newsletter...


  • Last night (24 June 2003) the Mayor and the City Council of  the City of Newport Beach, Calif.
    appointed  Wendy Swetow (Brooks)  to serve on  Arts Commission, for the next four years.
    (25 June 2003)

    Congratulations Wendy...

  • Robin L. Wulffson, M.D. His first book  was "An Improbable Cause".
      . His second "Praying Mantis"   has recently been published.
    See his WEB site for more info.
    (24 June 2005)
    RLW M.D. Now
    (25 June 2003)

  • Had a wonderful visit from  Bob Conley (Conviser) and his wife Di    on their way to Russia with a stopover in Finland. (17 June 2003)

     Note from Nancy:  Tierres 2002       We had our luncheon today, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel. We spent a few hours reminiscing and laughing and EATING! (28 December 2002)

  • Mike Henry's   62 and "GONE FISH' IN"

  • "Robb Littman littman.jpg (4199 bytes) here alive and well and living in tarzana california...beautiful spot this time of the year about 10 degrees cooler than Kabul and a lot friendlier....Living in Honolulu is far easier for me but I have kids in college and they no longer desire to live on the here we are in LA. Be well rl" (05 October 2001)

  • Gidget got a note from Stewart Spivak spivak.jpg (4245 bytes) 
    I am a lawyer, now retired, and trying my best to become an artist!

  • Another missing Vagabond has found us Vickie Hill (Blake)  vickiehill1.jpg (3794 bytes)


    Missed the reunion but look forward to the big one!! Its good to hear about life after Uni in 58' Keep up the good work.. I have lived in the WLA, Mar Vista, S.F. Valley and now in the Thousand Oaks area. I'm really surprised that I never run into a classmate. I am widowed, retired (GTE) and enjoying the good life. Thanks for the memories... (29 July 2001)

    BobJudyTop.jpg (59721 bytes)   (click on text for more) Judy Collins (Collard) dropped in on Bob Conley (formally Bob Conviser) and his wife Di on a trip to Australia and New Zealand this Summer    (29 June 2001)

  • Another sad note :

    Dear Friends and Family,     
                                               Margaret Ohara (Inouye)

    This is Robert Shinohara, Margaret's youngest son. I am here to inform you that on Saturday,
    June 16, 2001 at 3:30am, my mother, Margaret Shinohara, has passed away at
    Brotman Emergency Hospital.
    As far as the funeral services are concern, we will inform you as soon as we decide on the
    place and time.
    Please feel free to call me at anytime regarding on this subject.


    Robert Shinohara

  • from Linda Howard (Slavin) via Gidget:

    Margaret's funeral was unbelievable.  It started at 7:30 and ended at 10:00
    and there were at least 500 people. The service was done in English and
    Japanese. Judy Lewis (Steinberg) gave the eulogy in English and another
    friend gave one in Japanese.  I had forgotten she started the first Asian
    sorority house at UCLA.  About 100 women stood and sang their sorority
    song and one of the women spoke of all Margaret had done for the house.
    There were two women from the Wellness Community that also spoke of the
    inspiration she gave to others.  Margaret would have truly proud of the way
    she was honored.  The only people from school were Judy Newman (Lean)
    and Judy Lewis (Steinberg).


  • Another note and some pictures from a relocated Vagabond. Michael J. (Mickey) Ventura ventura1.jpg (5042 bytes)

    I also attended Emerson but got kicked out of UNI in A12 for fighting. I had to finish at Conoga Park for diploma. Oh! the futility of pugilism. I'm looking for Jim Corbett - Bob Harpham - Tak Kawahara - Dennis Kaisuka - Peggy Croft and many other friends.
    To view the photos Mickey sent click here.
    Serving the Lord in my final years. That should surprise many. May God bless.
    (6 June 2001)

  • Thoughts from  Jessie M Page (formerly Caroline Arnell)  arnell.jpg (2284 bytes) (23 May 2001)

  • Kathy (aka Gidget) Kohner Zuckerman's   Gidget1.jpg (5954 bytes)  new book GidgetBook.jpg (21279 bytes)   will be available from Amazon June 12, 2001. The book signing will be at Barnes and Noble on the 19th of June in Santa Monica at 7:30 PM at the Third Street Promenade--- (22 May 2001)

    NOTE: Gidget will be interviewed on CBS morning show June 14th.

  • Some class friends relocated before they graduated from UniStephen Young steveyearbk1y.jpg (11228 bytes) and his brother Walter are in this group. Here is a note from Steve and Walter:

    We would have graduated in 1958 from Uni if I hadn't moved to Palm Springs High School in the middle of our junior year.

    We did attend Emerson Jr. High School.

    Thanks for providing the website.

    Steve and Walter Young

    Visit a much less auspicious site at:

    Steve Young
    Walter Young MD   then WaltYoung.jpg (11832 bytes)   now  gorillawalt.jpg (19580 bytes)
    Walter is a psychiatrist at the VA in Colorado Springs, CO
    (21 May 2001)

  • Hi All,
    Taking the class name seriously, we have moved to Chicago where I've accepted a position at the Museum of Science and Industry ( neither of which I will be remembered for at Uni ) as Director of Exhibits and Creative Director. The job and city are great (except for the odd sub-zero day) and Domenica and I are really enjoying ourselves.
    A few years here and it will be back to sun and smog for us I'm sure.

    Take care, Mike Devine.
    divine.jpg (7301 bytes) (16 April 2001)

  • Lost, Now Found:  Don Lightfoot lightfoot.jpg (1933 bytes) Then     -    Now       DonLightfoot3.JPG (85878 bytes)

    Location: Spokane, WA

    "I've bounced around the country in a typical academic career and have landed and stayed in Spokane for the past 20 years. The gory details are Peace Corps, Ph.D. and post docs in Biochemistry, community leader and founder of a successful, rapidly growing biotech company. I still have family, ie, brother David Lightfoot, in LA and keep in constant touch with Ken Oelschlager and Jim Wartman. It is cold but very beautiful here and we will move south in a few years. Well, that is an outline of my 42 years of being on
    the public dole. I'd love to hear from old friends. Don"
    (07 Jan 2000)

  • Earle Larsen Larsen.jpg (2364 bytes)  Another Vagabond found (31 Dec 2000)
    "The closer I get to retirement, the more I have thought about the early years. Uni played a big part in some of the things that I have done. I sang a lot at school and for the past nine years have been a member of the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir" I have been working at BYU for the past 22 years and hopefully I will retire (early) in Sept."

    "Durk, thanks for the reply.  Here is some info that may be of help.  I am working at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  I am a manager in their dinning service and have been doing this for 22 years.  I am married to the same girl for 34 years and we have 6 married kids and 13 grandkids.  I just retired from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir after 9 years.  My last official  duty with the choir will be to sing at the inauguration of G.W. Bush."
    received 4 Jan 2001 

  • bandler.jpg (3040 bytes)  A note from Jim. "I recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition to write a novel.
    It's called "A Quick Killing"  Jim'sBook1.jpg (13335 bytes)  and it's available through
    Amazon if anyone wants to read it."
    (23 Sep 2000)

  • charles.jpg (4862 bytes)  Just had a chat with Dick. Wow! what an active guy: "I teach Spanish at the local high school, coach basketball, have a college placement service business for foreign student (ICC) 

  • Lustgarten1.jpg (5741 bytes)  Maurice (Mike) Lustgarten found us on the WEB, another lost Vagabond found, and sent this note: "Living in Bellevue, Washington, Married, 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I'm a psychiatrist and still in active practice. Best regards"

  • Tenna2.jpg (6513 bytes)   Tenna Merle Fleming (Daliposon) also found us. "Hi Durk, well I have looked over the whole Vagabond web and I was not even listed among the missing. If you look in the year book you will find me under Tenna Fleming, and I would like to add my name and picture to your list of people in the Vagabond web. There are many who I even went to Grammar school with. The school was Nora Sterry in West Los Angeles. I have been married for 37 years to the same man, and am the Proud Grandmother of 4 grandchildren. I have had a career as a Secretary for a Doctor of Chemistry, worked for Mervyns for 14 years as everything, and then some. And was the took care of the Office for a Century 21 organization. I have had a marvelous life and miss a lot of friends that I had in High School and Santa Monica Jr. College. Please add me to your list if possible and write me back and let me know what you have done." TennaNow1.JPG (8093 bytes)

Tenna Merle Fleming (Daliposon)

Tenna now 

  • taylor.jpg (2399 bytes)   MISSING VAGABOND FOUND Ken Taylor "Kenneth L. Taylor", Professor of the History of Science, University of Oklahoma.

  • Doing this page has been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed it very much. Finding lost VAGABONDS digging up the old memories and placing the pictures on the pages but tonight I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I write this. A few moments ago I received this message from John:

  • From: "John Seligman"
    To: "Durk Ellison" <>
    Subject: Bad news
    Date: 09 May 2000 01:43

        Sam Cornell just called me. Fred Harris died this morning at 10am.
    Apparently he had brain cancer which was diagnosed some time ago. He
    hadn't told many people. He hadn't told me. I don't know any more
    details. You might want to put something up on the web site.

    John Seligman

    You see it's the first time I've had to move a picture from the Address list to the Memorium page and a very old and dear friend at that.

    Take Care Fred

  • Just received a note from Sue Landis (Kargar) :


  • boegheim.jpg (10323 bytes) Shirley Brand (Hanson)    sent us a picture of the LWF confirmation class, 1955.  "Quite a few Vagabonds in it.  Some of these kids were at the 40th reunion and some I don't remember at all. They might have gone to other high schools".   13/3/2000



  • Ray Sanchez ( His telephone number is 310-444-7884).
     The company that did the photo albums for the Reunion sent and billed him three extra copies. He would really like to sell these copies back to our class
    if anyone would like to purchase one. They are being sold at cost of $20. 

  • Mark A. Moore is collecting information for a book about Jan Berry.
     If you'd like to contribute please contact him.


  •  collins.jpg (6898 bytes) Judy Collins (Collard) Wrote: I accidentally came upon the Vagabond website.judith2.jpg (45999 bytes)
    I have lived in San Jose since 1960. I have been teaching elementary school since 1968.
    I have taught grades 1-5 and am currently teaching 5th. grade. I also teach high school   dropouts two nights a week. I have held every office in the teachers' association including president. Right now I'm the health benefits representative and the nicest thing about this position is that every year I get to go to the employee benefits conference which is always in some fun place like Vancouver, Las Vegas, Montreal, etc.


    My son, Chris, just graduated from Franklin Pierce Law School in New Hampshire.
    He is in San Jose now studying for the California Bar Exam.



    It was great seeing the web page and looking at the current pictures of so many of my classmates.

    Judy 6/17/99


  • And, connected to the note below, on January 22, 1999, Fred Harris received a handwritten postcard from Jim Pursell:

    Dear Fred:
    Thank you very much for your note. I enjoy hearing from all of you. Chris
    [Hungerland] and his beautiful wife visited me before they went home. I felt honored.
    I am very grateful to still be able to take care of myself. At 98 I'm getting too close to that big #100! How does anyone live that long?
    I have a wonderful family--2 kids (68 and 63) 5 grand-kids and 5 great grand-kids. I lost my wife on June 16th, 1989. God is good to me.
    Bless you,
    Coach Jim

  • Remember coach Jim Pursell? Well, we just got an email from Chris Hungerland:

    I wanted to pass this along to --- who ever might be interested. The gentleman who was the coach of the UniHi track and cross country teams while we were there, Coach Jim Pursell, is still alive and well at the age of 98!!! Hard to believe, but...there it is.

    Far from being weak and feeble, Coach Pursell is still intellectually alert and physically sound. He attributes this to "living upstairs" (in a 4-plex unit at Leisure World). He still remembers the various line-ups -- and the reasons for them -- from the meets that we competed in in '55 - '58. We should all be so lucky!!

    It's my hope that you can post this on "the page" so that any who might be interested in contacting him, to reminisce, etc., can do so at:
    James L. Pursell
    Unit - N
    777 Via Los Altos
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4840

  • All right people, it's time to send in those photos of the reunion that are just sitting in your desk drawer. Check out the Reunion Photo Page and look at what's already been sent in. There are 67 photos so far. I know a lot more are out there...let's put them up on this Web site. 1/4/99


  • Noelle

    Jeanie Price has added to the long-neglected Progeny page a link for her daughter, Noelle Saenz' Web site: Check it out. It's all about living on Maui and eating cheeseburgers in paradise and the like. 12/6/98


  • Chris Hungerland sent in a note about John Putnam, in which he says, "I don't know whether to consider this an obituary, a memorial, or simply reportage. John died so very long ago that it's hard to recall just when - 1962 or '63...." 11/29/98


  • Way back last year Euie Gierson sent in a story about his pitching career for a local (LA) hardball amateur baseball league. He just recently updated us with bunch of pictures of himself pitching and hanging out with his family. Pretty impressive for a 58 year old geezer. 10/28/98


  • Hal Stein just sent us a photo of himself in Warrior football garb. He says that he must have been on coach Beck's shit list because the photo never made it to the yearbook. 10/28/98


  • The first photos of the Reunion have just come in from Sam Cornell. Please send your photos to one of the two addresses above so that we can put them up on our new Reunion Photo Page 10/26/98


  • Joanna Rossman (Morgan) has just sent us a brief history of her life since high school, and a couple of pictures as well. She was that beautiful tall, slender woman at the reunion who looked like she stopped aging about 20 years ago. 10/24/98


  • A Counts page has just been created. Check it out and help us with some of the missing names 10/8/98


  • We received a note and two photos from Mike Devine:

    "Dear (Reunion people)---
    Here are 2 photos...The first is me standing (I think) on a hill in Marin with small vehicles entering and leaving my neck. The second is of Domenica my wife who makes my life a very happy place for me to be.
    My best,    M"


  • 03/01/2001 Ever wondered what became of Mac Johnson? Follow the link to read his fascinating story. He lives in Elmira, Oregon, but it took him a long time to get there, as you'll see. 10/6/98


  • Barry Keenan, our infamous classmate, exploits his own misdeeds in an exhaustive article by Peter Gilstrap about Barry's 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. If you've ever wondered about the intimate details of this ignoble and ill-conceived affair, read this article and learn how one can profit ($) from their mistakes. 10/5/98


  • Wendy Thue (Kelly) sent us a a couple of rare photos from our high school days. One of Jan and Arnie in a theatrical pose at State Beach and the other of herself and Sue Taylor posing at Balboa Island 1957. 10/3/98


  • We just received an E-mail from Ron Chase:

    This is a message for all my friends whom I will be unable to meet at the Reunion.

    Much to my regret I have teaching obligations that prevent me from coming. The essential facts of my life since graduation are the following. I went to Stanford University and then to Harvard Law School. I quit the law school and sold books in Harvard Square for nearly two years during the heady days of the mid-sixties. After graduate studies at M.I.T., I came to McGill University in 1971 as a professor in the Department of Biology. Although I am not fluent in French, nor a Quebec souverainiste, I enjoy living in Montreal. My academic speciality is neurobiology and especially, snail brains and snail behaviour. More about that at my Web site.

    The photo shows myself and wife Dorothy in the Bay of Fundy (note the Canadian Flag). We have been married for 30 years and we have one son and one daughter, both in their late twenties.

    I still enjoy running, but not competitively. On a recent visit to LA, I went to Unihi early one morning to run some laps on the track. It was just like the old days. The collection of weeds on the infield was the same, the pale dirt kicked up as dust, and there was a certain undefinable odour - perhaps pesticide - that I recognized as part of the place. I ran around a few times and started to tighten up, but then, as I enterred the turn leading to the stands, I sensed Al Gentry of Manual Arts running hard on my outside. I could hear fans shouting my name in encouragement. I gave it my all - and managed to finish the mile, a tired and sweating old man of 58.

    I'm really sorry that I'll miss seeing you at the Reunion. It's been fun getting in touch with a number of you through this Website. I hope everyone will buy John Seligman a drink at the Reunion for making the Website such a great success!

    Ronald Chase, Dept. Biology, McGill Univ.


  • Shirley Brand (Hanson) sent us a letter recently. She included pictures of herself and her husband, Gary.
    They live in Collbran, Colorado.


  • Lynn Crumpler sent us a picture of herself and her date for the Unihi Prom night in June of '58. (Don't let Barbara see this one) 9/18/98


  • We got a letter from Rita Lin Chian (Wood) recently. She lives in Northville, Michigan and is married to Brian Wood. 9/14/98


  • Robin Wulffson is a retired physician living in Irvine. Read all about what he's been up to for the last 40 years and see him riding a triple tandem bike with his son and grandson. 9/9/98


  • Penny Barnes (Bilheimer) lives in Savannah, Georgia, is married to Pete Bilheimer and has two children, Dena and Chris. 9/14/98


  • Bobby Downey (Capin) sent in a recent photo of herself and her husband Frank. She is living in Fallbrook, California and has two daughters, Kim and Pam. 9/5/98


  •    Wendy Swetow (Brooks) sent in a couple of rare photographs circa 1958. One of Judy Leanse, Connie Kerr and Sue Taylor, and the other of Ann Drumm 9/5/98


  • We recently received an E-mail from Durk Ellison. He's been living in Finland for a long time. He included some pictures of himself and his family and details about what he's been up to for the last 40 years. 9/4/98


  • Reluctantly we add four names to the Memorial page:Donald Bayer, Carol Bookman, Karen Holmberg and Judith Rothchild. Apparently these people didn't pass recently; it was the news of their passing that only got to us recently. If anyone has any information about these classmates that could be added, please contact us so that we can do a proper tribute to their lives. 8/29/98


  •    Mike Keele sent us a couple of photos of himself; one from 40 years ago, the other one current. 8/26/98


  • We received an E-mail from Laura Versola-Adams:

    I am writing on behalf of my mother Gaye (Lohrie) Versola. I am happy to report that mom is alive and well in Santa Barbara. We were informed from family members that she had been mistakenly listed on your "Memorium" page.

    She and my dad, Jimmy, have been married for 35 years and have two kids. Mom had to retire due to a series of medical difficulties, but keeps herself busy with her grandchildren.

    If all goes well, I plan on bringing mom to the reunion. She is very excited and planning for the trip has given her a new spark. I try to monitor your Web page, but if there is any information she hasn't received please feel free to send it to me.

    I look forward to meeting you in October!
    Thank you,
    Laura Versola-Adams

    Our apologies to Gaye Lohrie (Versola) and to anyone else that was misinformed by our mistakenly including her on our Memorial Page. We look forward to seeing her alive and well in October. 8/12/98


  • Jeanie Price, taking a few hours off from golf, sent in a rare club picture of the Lycees from 1957. Shown also is a bunch of pictures from the Lycees Reunion of '89 and '90. 8/9/98


  • We got an E-mail from Jamie Hardwick the other day. In addition to giving us a brief synopsis of his last 40 years, he included several pictures of his kids, his wife and himself. 7/30/98


  • The Reunion Committee held their July meeting on the 7th and in it they decided, among other things, to join forces with the Tahitian class of winter, '58. 7/27/98


  • At the most recent Reunion Committee meeting it was decided to join forces with the Tahitian class of Winter '58 and to essentially have two classes at one reunion. More about that later, but for now we feature our first official Tahitian*, Francis Moss. Francis has his own Web site where you can find out all about what he's been doing for the last 40 years. As you'll find out if you go there, he is a writer. His most recent work is Internet for Kids. 7/18/98

    *Actually, two other Tahitians have managed to sneak into our Web site: Doug Tibbles and Len Traubman.


  • Alex Solodovnikov recently found us on the Web, and responded with the following E-mail

    I am working as a consultant at Raytheon System Co. Former Hughes Aircraft Co. I   retired in 1994 from Hughes after 30 years, but came back as a consultant two years ago. I am still married and have two grown children, Cindy and Geoff and about to become a grandfather for the second time. I still live in the Palisades where I periodically run into Dave Dillon and sometimes Giget and Sam Cornell, but not together, usually in the market. Ann Smith (Drumm) and her Husband George are friends of my Wife and I, we go to dinnner and a Show on occasion. Much of my life since starting to work has centered around my family and life in the Palisades, sailing, baseball, raising kids and getting on with life. I am looking to the Riviera where I can see a lot of old classmates.

      Since the reunion, I now have 4 grandchildren: Ethan and Lily Solodovnikov 4, and 6 mos. respectively, who live in Lompoc with my son Geoff and his wife Bridget. Spencer and Brendan Haan who llive in Santa Barbra with my daughter Cindy and her husband Robert. Needless to say Joyce nd I are up in the Santa Barbra often. Recently I had lunch with Kemp  Aaberg and  John Venable. Both are well. Kemp is a celebritty of the central coast due to his surfing exploits.He recently retired from UPS and recieved a nice write up in the Santa Barbra News Press about his surfing all around the world. John is still in the estate planning business, and is doing very well, he had just returned from a Kayak trip in central Utah where he had a ball.
    Durk, keep up the good work, I enjoy reading the web page.

  • On July 6, 1998, we received a letter from Pat Nolte (Burdette)
    Dear Vagabond Reunion committee,

     I am really looking forward to the Reunion and seeing friends and L.A. again. With the exceptiong of a summer at UCLA in 1960, I have not been back since graduation when my parents moved to the Bay area. After two years at Oregon State, where I was in the same Sorority with Pat Warner, I transferred and graduated from UC-Berkeley. Then I moved to Honolulu to work and met my husband Ben who was there with IBM. Over the next 30 years our family had some wonderful experiences living in several states, Japan, Venezuala and Hong Kong. At our last IBM location was in the NY-CT area, we decided to retire on the east coast, but to a slightly warmer area, and we moved to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1994. It's a wonderful community with no end of things to do. Ben is enjoying retirement and I am working in events planning at the Alumni Society at The College of William & Mary. Our son Matt (29) is a risk analyst for Air Security International in Houston and our daughter Kathy (26) is a manuscript editor for Colonial Williamsburg.
    See you all in October.

  • Dennis Johnston is up to no good as Howard Lane, Connie Nader and Carolyn Lee are about to find out...Palm Springs, 1960 7/15/98


  • See if you can figure out what Dennis Johnston, Ron Abraham, and Howard Lane are doing hanging out in front of Barry Keanan's house in April of 1960. It looks like they're focused on something in the back of Euie Gierson's Austin Healy. 7/14/98


  • We received an E-mail from Marshall English a few days ago. He's teaching at Oregon St. University in the Bioresource Engineering department. 7/6/98


  • Sometime in the semester before we graduated from Uni, the Barons did something bad, (who remembers what?), and they were suspended from the Hy Y and thus not allowed to have their group picture in the yearbook. Howard Lane somehow managed to get his hands on the original negative which he had printed and sent to us...and it is now here for your viewing pleasure. In addition there are a lot of pictures from the Barons 1981 reunion. 7/2/98


  •   Howard Lane tells us a little about what he's been up to for the last 40 years and shows us a photo of his Harley, his wife Bonnie and his two daughters, Shelby and Gentry. 6/25/98


  •   DD Cushman (Harrington) poses on a beach with her husband George and their dog Jessie. She is the president of Baiting Brook Realty, Inc. 6/23/98


  • Chuck Powell and his wife Peggy show us what happened to them at Mardi Gras a few years ago, while Chuck shows us what he thinks of it all. 6/15/98


  • Go read the minutes from the most recent meeting of the Reunion Committee where, among other things, the very fate of this Web site was discussed. 6/15/98


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