Top Row, Left to Right
Bonnie Watkins, Marcia Ridley, Rhoda Saliterman, Darlene Lightfoot, Joyce Kido, Joyce Rady, Angie Turinetto

Middle row
Barbara Dunnington, Jeanie Price, Stephanie Nolte, Gloria Steege, Sally Broomfield
Bottom row
Bunny Nesmith, Alice Hoosan, Joanne Nelson, Judy Brandon

Lycees 1958

Lycees21958.JPG (101163 bytes)

Top Row, Left to Right
D. Lightfoot, G. Steege, J. Rady, M. Ross, C. Schulz, R. Saliterman.

Middle row
B. Dunnington, J. Nelson, J. Brandon, L. Campbell, C. Elgren.
Bottom row
S. Nolt, J. Kido, J. Price, M. Ridley, R. Escobar.

The Lycees have had two reunions: one in July of '89, the other in February of '90.
The following pictures are from those reunions.

Carol Elgren

Darlene Lightfoot

Joyce Kido

Pat Morey

Stephanie Nolte

Rosie Escobar

Loretta Campbell

Barbara Dunnington

Bonnie Watkins

Gloria Steege

Jeanie Price

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