Shirley Brand (Hanson)

Hi all,
I am really glad the reunion is at the Riviera CC this year. That is closer to my daughter's where we stay when in LA. That is where she got married.

Now, and update on us:
My husband retired from American Airlines as captain 767 international after 32 years of flying, on January 1st, and we also retired the cattle ranch. We sold most of the cattle, and are leasing out the land to other ranchers. We are going into the flyfishing business. The fly shop downtown will bring customers up for the day to fish. We also lease to a dude rancher, so his guests can push cows around, fix fences, doctor sick animals, and pay him for the pleasure of doing so. Kind of like City Slickers!! We have a motorhome and do a lot of travelling around the north American continent. We also travel overseas. My quilting interests take me many places around the world, as do Gary's flyfishing travels. I have also taken over the running of the family business, which is real estate investments. After the death of my brother, I was foisted into the position of managing both the LA interests as well as the Colorado ones. Gary does a lot of the work too, and I get a lot of help from my nephews in LA. I get out to LA at least once a month for business, and pleasure. The pleasure part is visiting and spoiling my granddaughter, Jessica Zionts. I have two daughters, Laura lives in Grand Junction, Co, and is married, no kids, and Sondra lives in the Pacific Palisades, is married to the head of Pediatric Orthopedics at Childrens Hospital, and has one child. Gary has two children, both in the Denver area, and they have 4 kids between them. We see them frequently, and they come here for Christmas every other year. We both are rolling stones, so if anyone wants to visit, they have to "get on the calendar" so we will stay home then. We plan a year at a time now. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can at the reunion.

Now, the hard part. I am looking for Barbara Brees. Her mother, Alice is an alumnus of Uni, on the committee. I wrote the school once to forward to her, but never heard. If anyone knows Barbara or Alice or their whereabouts, I would be appreciative some information. We were friends from 2nd grade on, and I lost touch with her after graduation.

See you in October.

Shirley Brand (Hanson)

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