The Darlings

Bottom: Mike and Jean
Middle:(left to right) Denis, Shawn, Bob
Top: Neil

A little note from Mike telling us about what the Darlings are up to:

"I've been married to Jean for the last 36 years. We have four boys (pictured above). I've been a Private Investigator since 1972. I have owned two corporations, Security and Armored trucks etc. Now I just work on special cases dealing with Fraud. Jean is a Nurse of 35 years with a Masters in Health Care and a specialty in Pediatrics. She is involved in a new venture with me as an investigative service to inquire into medical malpractice and/or fraud, as well as to assist attorneys, and insurance companies in the interpertation of medical records. Shawn, the oldest of my sons, lives in Amsterdam, New York and is the district manager of a frozen food company. Denis is a computer design engineer for a chemical company in Jacksonville, Florida. Bob is a Major in the Marines. He flies and is an instructor in the Cobra helicopter. Neil is also a computer design engineer and works for Anderson Consulting in Virginia."
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