Marshall English

We received an E-mail from Marshall on July 2nd, 1998

Hello John,
A while ago you or Fred asked me for a better picture to replace the one now in the Vagabond web pages. I agree that the picture now on the web pages would scare the feathers off the fryers. Unfortunately, there is nothing of me in the UniHi yearbook from 1958 because I was absent that year, at school in Turkey of all places. The family home burned down in the Bel Air fire (was that 1962?) and all sorts of presumeably great pictures of me went up in smoke. The only picture I have been able to find from that era is in the attached file, scanned from a tattered old passport, complete with disfiguring stamp. So, herewith ..... I was sixteen.

After 1958 I lived for a while in the SF Bay Area and Davis, as well as two years in Germany, one in New Zealand, one in Zimababwe and twenty years in Oregon. I am gratefully married, with three sons. I have been an engineer with Lockheed Space Systems Division, UC Davis and the COE Hydrologic Engineering Center. Today I am a professor (Bioresource Engineering) at Oregon State University.

Kudos to you and the rest of the Reunion Committee for your excellent work. It is great to bring up the web page from time to time to see what's new. I am looking forward to the Big Event in October. (Don't know if I can remember how to get to the Riviera Country Club, but I imagine somone will get me there.)

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