Jamie Hardwick
Wow! Great to hear from you. Yes, believe it or not, I still go by the name Jamie and I haven't been beaten up yet.

Jamie in 1981
So much so say-so little space.
Yes I went to Chouinard Art Institute to study Advertising Design. Imagine ... it was all inspired from my design of the BARONS Patch logo that Doug Wheeler and I did at Emerson Jr. High. (He also went to Chouinard at a different time, lost track of him, he was doing fine art paintings in NY last I heard). I've worked for the last 34 years as a Graphic Designer/Art Director for various ad agencies and design studios in the LA area before starting my
Here I am with my son Nick and my wife Nancy at Nick's graduation from La Costa Canyon High School in June, 1997. Nick is about to turn 19 and attends Humboldt State University and is entering his sophmore year this fall.
Here is a picture of me and Nancy taken in 1996 doing what we love best: sailing. This photo was taken on a trip we took to the British Virgin Islands.

own graphic design studio. I moved to Encinitas California ( North County San Diego) in 1985 and at that time my wife( a Journalist/Writer) and I joined forces and opened HARDWICK & HARDWICK, a full service Ad Agency. We've been a team for 14 years now.

We recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. We have 2 Sons, one 21 and one 18 both in college right now. Whew!
This is me and my son, Tyler when he graduated from San Dieguito High School, Encinitas, California in June, 1994. Tyler turns 22 in November and attends UC Santa Cruz . He is a Music Major in his junior year.
We are really looking foreward to the reunion when we can all see what old farts we have all become. We went to the 10th and the 20th but somehow I never recieved notice of the 30th, so while you all will only look 10 years older I will Look 20 years older.
Looking foreward to seeing you.

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