Here's a page that explores some of what the Internet has that might be of interest to a bunch of people in their late fifties who grew up in Los Angeles. Actually, the stuff here will appeal to just about anyone who messes around on the Internet. Send in your favorite Websites.

  • University High School

    Newly discovered Web site for our Alma Mater. They've put up a link to our Web site in the Alumni section.

  • University High School Alumni Registry

    This Website, found in the backwaters of the Internet, is a division of The California division of World Alumni Net. It's an outfit that is trying to establish an alumni database for every school in the world--a daunting task to say the least. But Unihi is there and there's a number of alumni listed. Check it out and sign up.

    University High School Alumni Message Forum.

    UniHi Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter (not available online or by e mail) a copy can be obtained by sending an e-mail to:
     Carolyn Lynch (Alumni coordinator)

    With your postal address, asking to be put on the mailing list and for a copy of the latest newsletter...

    Other University High School Alumni WEB sites:

  • AudioNet

    You have to download some software to make it work, but once you do there's everything from books and interviews with authors to live sporting events and a lot of strange and wonderful stuff in between. Tim Naegele likes this Website for listening to UCLA's basketball games.

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