Reunion Committee Meeting
At Steve Schonfield's house

Present: Kathy Zuckerman, Val Romoff, Margaret Inouye, Wendy Brooks, Sam Cornell, Dave Dillon, Linda Slavin, Fred Harris, Lynne Keim, Larry Goodfried, Caryl Golden, Steve Schonfield and John Venable.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved as written.

John opened the meeting by re-iterating the dress code for the Riviera Country Club. All men must wear coat and tie, including the disc jockey, whose name and hours of service have not yet been determined. Val will speak to Belinda, who, along with her husband, has offered the DJ for the party. We would like him/her to play from 7:30 to 11:30pm, if they're available for four hours.

Larry gave his report on the "day after" event and provisions for the young children, hoping that Vagabonds will be bringing grandchildren, etc. Suggested time is 11am to 4pm. The cost for reserving the space is $207.00 for 5 hours and $43 for each additional hour. Larry also reported that reservations have been made for 24 cars (with 4 people each) to go to the Getty Museum on the Friday preceding the reunion. Those interested should call Larry.

The possibility of having roving photographer verses disposable cameras was discussed. It was decided that people should bring their own cameras.

It was decided that invitations would be sent to all class members. Those who have paid will have their invitations marked "Paid."

The budget was discussed and it was decided that the surplus would be spent on prizes to be awarded at the reunion. For example, classmate who traveled the farthest has the most grandchildren, the youngest child etc. If door prizes, hor d' oeuvres and other items are paid for out of the surplus, we would still have an ending balance to work with. Caryl and 2nd made a motion by Kathy. Discussion was held and Dave agreed that the budge surplus was not necessary. Fred was opposed and argued that money is necessary to maintain the Website and to keep in contact with classmates on a regular basis. He went on to point out that the Web site began by averaging about 3 hits a day and now it gets about 30, indicating that it is growing in popularity and will probably gain much more after the reunion when people will make contact with each other and then probably seek a means by which they can maintain contact. The Web site is an on-going monthly expense that requires the work of someone to maintain it. The discussion will continue. Kathy made an emotional point stating the question, "Who knows who will be here for the next reunion in 5 or 10 years? Let's go for it now and have a great party," she added.

Sub-committees will be meeting soon. Caryl will be given a budget for prizes and the categories will be decided at the next meeting, which will be held at Caryl's house on Tuesday, July 7th at 6:30pm.

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