The Minutes
of the
Reunion Committee Meeting
At Caryl Golden's house

Present: Steve, Belinda, Val, Gloria, Kathy Zukerman, Kathy Zamarin, Jim Epstein, Dave Dillion, John Venable, Sam Cornell, Larry Goodfried, Bob Mattis, Lynn Jim Bandler and Caryl.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as written.

John opened the meeting by reminding everyone present that the Riviera Country Club maintains a dress code for events that we need to abide by. That is coat and tie for the gentleman and "cocktail" attire for the ladies.

Kathy Zamarin gave the treasures report showing our current balance of $8, 450.68, which does not include the donation of $100.00 made by Jim Epstein the evening of this meeting. He attended to represent the winter class of '58. Thank you, Jim.

Val discussed the fact that the request for the donations still remains on the Web site and it was decided that it be removed.

Fred Harris announced that to date 96 reservations have been confirmed, (payed for) not including the committee members. He is still getting responses from the Valentine's card.

As mentioned above, Jim Epstein was at the meeting to speak about the winter class joining us on October 17th to make it a Vagabond/Tahitian reunion. There were only 120 members in that class and approximately 45 of them showed up for their 30th reunion. Jim will confirm names and most current addresses so we can have the information for our next, and final, mailing. We look forward to seeing our friends from the winter class who will be included in the costs that have already been figured.

Margaret spoke on the hidden costs of dealing with the Riviera. Both Margaret and Fred spoke of the new banquet rep., Diana Stern. The profit, per person will be approximately $4.

Discussion was held regarding contributions made by committee members as to whether or not they should go towards the ticket price or remain in the working fund. John felt that if the member was comfortable, perhaps the "seed money" could be held in the fund until after the event at which time it could be returned if it was not necessary to cover expenses.

Caryl displayed a balloon arrangement as suggested for the centerpiece, staying within the $35 dollar per table price. She also stated that the cocktail "hour" is too long! She also passed around an example of a memory book that will be available in black and white, which can be ordered for a nominal charge to those classmates who are interested and who will respond by postcard directly to the supplier. Great idea, thanks caryl for doing the research.

Belinda gave her entertainment report and spoke about the DJ that she and her husband, whose company "The Perfect Party," are providing for our listening and dancing pleasure. His name is Mike and the list of clients that he has worked for is very impressive. Please write any bits of trivia that you think would add to the evening by alowing Mike to know more about us and E-mail it to Belinda.

Bob Mattis reminded us of the importance of the Web site and urged that it be maintained after the Reunion.

Before John closed the meeting he announced that there would be individual committee meetings including the final "stick and lick" to be held before the end of August.

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