30th Reunion Photo Gallery

  1. Dick Bates at the 30th Reunion (he crashed) 8/17/97
  2. Linda Caughey and Dave Stevens at the 30th Reunion 8/17/97
  3. Nancy Hoover and Jane Ross at the 30th Reunion 9/6/97
  4. Jean Price at the 30th Reunion 9/6/97
  5. Dave Earl at the 30th Reunion 9/6/97
  6. The Saxons line up at the 30th Reunion (you name them) 9/7/97


40th Reunion Photo Gallery

Here are the photographs of the 40th Reunion that was held on October 17th, 1998, at the Riviera Country Club in West Los Angeles and the following day at the University High School campus. The name that follows the photograph indicates who sent it in.

  1. Tak Kawahara, Kathy Reasoner (Zamrin) and Euie Gierson stop their revery for a moment to pose. Sam Cornell
  2. Caryl Zinner and Fred Harris discuss important issues while Christa Harris looks on. Sam Cornell
  3. Jim and Ruth Corbett pose with Sam Cornell Sam Cornell
  4. Connie Kerr is seen here dancing with someone...who is it? Sam Cornell
  5. Euie Gierson and Jay Kholos get Jan Berry's take on the reunion. Sam Cornell
  6. Wendy Swetow, Kristie Venable and Nancy Hardwick laugh it up. Sam Cornell
  7. Caryl Zinner and John Seligman look like they're doing their homework. Sam Cornell
  8. Seligman and the Venables caught in a stroll through the picnic on Sunday the day after. Sam Cornell
  9. Fred Harris..ex-chairman of the board. Ray Inouye
  10. Sam Cornell gives Vicky Douglas a squeeze Ray Inouye
  11. Chaos at the registration desk Ray Inouye
  12. Mike and Jean Darling all the way from New York Ray Inouye
  13. Sam Cornell gives Margaret Ohara (Inouye) a smootch...this guy had a very busy night Ray Inouye
  14. John Venable our esteemed chairman, tries to say something important at the podium Ray Inouye
  15. Cocktails are served Ray Inouye
  16. Jim Epstein, the chairman of the Tahitian Reunion, says a few words at the podium Ray Inouye
  17. Chaos on the floor. There's Dennis Gray and Shirley Brand (Hanson) in the forground Ray Inouye
  18. A whole table full of Tahitians Ray Inouye
  19. Ron White, Dave Dillon, Gidget, Shirley Brand (Hanson) and her husband and others waiting for food Ray Inouye
  20. Jim Bandler gives us a wave Ray Inouye
  21. Bobbi and Larry Goodfried, Gloria Lehman (Garfinkel) and Judge Irwin Ray Inouye
  22. Paul Jacques, Margaret Ohare (Inouye), Mike Darling, Leland Lewis, Judy Lewis, Peggy Sokol all say hi Ray Inouye
  23. Sharon Clark has a good laugh over something. Ray Inouye
  24. Peggy Sokol (Green) poses for posterity. Ray Inouye
  25. Jeanie Price (Lewis) and Judy Steinberg (Lewis--[no relation]) have a little chat. Ray Inouye
  26. Billy Steele, Lani Steele, Alan Schwab and Diane Chase are cought in a moment of revelry. Ray Inouye
  27. Steve and Anita Schonfield seem to be having fun as well. Ray Inouye
  28. Mary and Bob Mattis are ready to party. Ray Inouye
  29. Jim and Ruth Corbet take a break from their dance marathon to pose for a picture. Ray Inouye
  30. Linda Howard and Val Sherman (Romoff) caught by the Ray's camera. Ray Inouye
  31. Susan Auerbach
  32. Lynn Crumplar gives the award for traveling the furthest to Lani Steele and Bob Conley (with his wife Di). Lani from the Phillippines, Bob from Australia. Ray Inouye
  33. Bonnie Heisser (Brown) and Dave Stevens share a moment and a cocktail. Ray Inouye
  34. Kathleen and John Isaksen pose for posterity. Ray Inouye
  35. Bruce Gitelson gives himself a hand. Ray Inouye
  36. Bobbi and Larry Goodfried pause in mid dance for a photo op. Ray Inouye
  37. Leland and Judy Lewis Ray Inouye
  38. Jeanie Price and Paul Jacques (her bo) in the forground of the dance floor. Ray Inouye
  39. Margaret and Ray Inouye have someone else hold their camera to take this picture. Mystery person
  40. Dave and Cindy Hurwitz This is the guy who scanned all Ray's photos (Thanks Dave) Ray Inouye
  41. Fred and Briney Harris caught in an intimate moment at the picnic. Jim Wartman
  42. Durk Ellison, Connie Kerr, Fred Harris and Jim Wartman together from the first grade till Uni, together again at the 40th. Jim Wartman's camera
  43. Bill Rhinhorn, (a little help here), and Mike Keele (in the forground) all seem to be having a great time. Mike Darling
  44. Tak Kawahara and Ron Kino are going over some 40 year old memories. Mike Darling
  45. Mike Darling and Dave Dillon can't help but crack a smile. Jean Darling
  46. Seligman, Darling, and Harris take a break from their culture hit at the Ghetty to pose for posterity. Jean Darling
  47. Larry and Bobbi Goodfried He's the man that made the picnic happen.Ray Inouye
  48. Jan Berry, Stefanie Brainin, Wendy Swetow, Dick Bates, Margaret Ohara, Bonnie Heisser, Shirley Brand, and Lynn Krauss make up a grand photo at the picnic.Ray Inouye
  49. Mystery woman, Bob Mattis, Mary Mark and Mary Mattis seem to be enjoying themselves at the picnic. Ray Inouye
  50. Jim Wartman and Wendy Swetow make a Durk Ellison sandwich at the picnic. Ray Inouye
  51. Unidentified gang at the picnic.(someone send in who these people are) Ray Inouye
  52. John Seligman and Dick Bates protecting Bonnie Heisser Ray Inouye
  53. Fred and Briney Harris in another intimate moment. Ray Inouye
  54. Jan Berry, Margaret Ohara (Inouye), Steve Schonfield, and Bob Mattis pose for their picnic photo.Ray Inouye
  55. Wendy Swetow and Val Sherman ham it up at the picnic.Ray Inouye
  56. Sam Cornell (who else?) sits at the center of crowd scene at the picnic.Ray Inouye
  57. Bob Conley fingers John Seligman as the guy who stole the watermelon.Ray Inouye
  58. Art and Ellen Rodriquez talk to John and Christy Venable at the picnic.Ray Inouye
  59. Bob and Mary Mattis chomp down on a watermelon.Ray Inouye
  60. The whole golf gang pose for a picture before 18 holes at Mountain gate C.C.Ray Inouye
  61. The same group some 6 hours later.Ray Inouye
  62. Bob Mattis former Riviera caddy, shows his stuff on the second fairway.Ray Inouye
  63. Sam Cornell with his arm around yet another babe...this time Kathy Reasoner.Ray Inouye
  64. Kathy Reasoner, Lynne Crumplar, and Margaret Ohara pose at the Riviera.Ray Inouye
  65. Jan Berry close up at the picnic.Seligman
  66. Bob Conley gives us a infectous smile at the picnic.Seligman
  67. Dick Bates makes his move on Bonnie Heisser at the picnic.Seligman

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