Joanna Rossman (Morgan)

The Highlights of Joanna's Past 40 Years

From Uni to UCLA to Columbia U. with a 6 week study tour of Europe, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia and E. Germany in between. Culture shock - LA girl in NYC riding to school on subways, the Village - seeing Bob Dylan, winter. Met first husband, Steve Cetrulo, and ended up married in Newark and Jersey City working as dental hygienist. The only light during those difficult days was taking the tubes to the village for art classes at the New School. Steve completed last year of med-school and internship at UCLA and Kristi arrived 30 years ago. The war years found us living on the Taos Indian Pueblo where he was the doctor. There we learned to ski (before Taos had easy runs) and I rode my horse throughout the breathtaking Indian lands. After two wonderful years, we bought a 40 acre ranch in Taos Canyon and returned to UCLA for Steve's surgical residency.

Twenty-five years ago Giancarlo was born and we moved back to Taos where we lived close to Glenda Gloss in Llano Quemado. Our daughters played together and we became good friends. She was already into the spiritual world and did powerful massage. So powerful that when Caryl Zinner and Jim Golden came to be married at our home, Glenda's massage shifted something that allowed Caryl to become pregnant with her daughter, Ashley. Sadly there were monumental problems in our marriage and after a brief move to Sheridan, Wyoming, I took the children and returned to WLA. My 8 and 3 year old had to move several times in two years until we ended up in Santa Monica on 21st St.. During those single mom years, I worked in sales, real estate and dental hygiene and became a hypnotherapist. I also partied, became a serious disco dancer, played a lot of tennis, ran, roller-skated and revisited my spiritual journey that began in Taos. At the 20th Uni reunion, I remet and dated Chris Conroy for a few months. When Gian was 8 and Kristi 13, she began teen rebellion. Their father, who they hadn't spent much time with, wanted them to live with him and his new wife in Taos. Off they went to live at the ranch where they had to walk a mile and a half to the school bus through sleet and snow and Taos mud with no TV, malls or friends nearby. Rebellion was limited, reading increased as did grades along with an appreciation of nature and the occasional ride up the hill. Two excellent students emerged who still read voraciously and enjoy animals and the countryside.

Missing the mountains and now alone, I moved to Aspen '80-85 where I became macro biotic, skied, hiked, went to concerts, galleries and worked as a hypnotherapist and bouncer/door person at Andre's the disco that used to be there. We formed a group of women hikers who called ourselves "wonder women" that included Barbi Benton. Anyone remember her...the Playboy centerfold? I loved living in Aspen and my only regret is that I didn't buy the house I was living in for $150,000. 13 years ago, after 4 mos. in Europe, I moved to Santa Barbara to be closer to my parents knowing my father was suffering from cancer. I was soon joined by Kristi who wanted to go to college in S.B. I also met Stan Krome at a class about healing your life with laughter. We began dating after knowing each other through Laugh I & II. He house-sat for me when I traveled to Bali for a dance/drama workshop on the mythic Hero's Journey and never left.

My new goal was to fix up homes to resell. After remodeling 2 houses, I didn't want to sell the last one which overlooks the ocean so I joined Stan selling real estate. Giancarlo rejoined the family and both kids were at UCSB. Stan and I were successful, but not fulfilled, and 4 years later at 52, I returned to school at Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Masters in Counseling Psychology which included travel to the sacred sites of Greece, the origins of Jungian, mythic theory. Stan also returned to school and has added computer geek to his talents in, construction, surveying, musician and radio personality. He climbed many mountains and loves to sail and golf (on a good day). Nine years ago we married and the following year '79 my father Phillip Rossman died. He is honored as the founder of the Venice Family Clinic. Currently mother, Ruth, still lives in the same house on Cascada Way and is very active. She just had a retrospective of her art work since the 30's at the University of Judaism's Platt Gallery. I am seeing clients and leading 2 groups: a "Single Parent" support group and "Women Coming Home to Themselves" - for women over 40. I still hike, ski and dance and am also a stained glass artist. Kristi has been married 2 years to David and lives nearby, but I have only 4 legged grandchildren. She raises and trains dogs and horses and has her own bookkeeping business. Giancarlo, always a big child, stands 6'4", recently returned to CA from a year long scholarship that paid for him to dive and do research in some the most beautiful waters in the world. His last 2 years have been spent in N. Carolina earning his masters in Marine Biology. He now lives in Venice with Brenda and Traveler.

I can hardly wait for the next 40 years!!!!!!!

Left to right: Stan Krome (Joanna's husband), Joanna, Giancarlo Cetrulo (her 24 year old son), Ruth Rossman (her mother), Kristi Cetrulo (her 29 year old daughter), David Elliott (Kristi's new husband)

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