Judy Schultz (Sears)

left to right Daughter-in-law Darlene, Debbie holding Johnathan, her husband Brad in back with hat, Wilson in front, Steve holding Rachel, Judy and John. Baby Ricky is missing from photo. We are on Silver Lake by Mt. Lassen. The cabin there has been in my husband's family for 50 years. I am afraid I have become more of a mountain person, than beach person.

Well you asked for it. What have I done with my life?

I went to Cal for 2 years. Married John in 1960 and moved to Texas for 2 1/2 years while he was in the army. Debbie was born in 1961 in Texas. Returned to Berkeley where John went to Boalt Law School. We moved to Lafayette where Steve was born in 1966. Except for 4 years as owner of a Mail Boxes Etc., I have been home as wife, mother, grandmother and pursuing interests in tennis, which has now turned to golf, skiing, bicycling, gardening, playing bridge, following investments with my investment club and reading as fast as I can to keep up with 2 book clubs. Most of the traveling I have done revolves around skiing, golf and cycling. I have been to Europe several times to ski, twice to Ireland and Scotland for golf, once to France, and Italy this year for cycling and I have done 6 bicycle touring trips in the US.

Debbie lives 10 miles away with her family of three boys. Steve lives 5 miles away with his wife and daughter and another one on the way.. I love these grandchildren. My license plate says IMGRAMY.

That's me with 3 of the grandchildren -
Wilson, Rachel and Johnathan.
Judy Schultz Sears

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