Lani Steele and her family

left to right: Sulae, Kori, Lani, Gary, Nancy, Garrett

"I am currently head of the English Department at Brent International School, Manila, Philippines. My husband Gary is Director of Student Services at there. He went to high school in Oakdale and Modesto in the Central Valley, and college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We have four children - the two oldest (my stepchildren), one of whom is shown above with his wife Nancy, the other not shown, live in California. The ones in the picture were adopted from Korea when they were babies (I had pictures of them at the last reunion). Sulae is a senior at Brent, plays soccer, basketball, softball, and drives in Manila, a daring sport in its own right. Kori is in ninth grade at Brent, and is in the drama club, the Model U.N., and Peer Helpers. We've been here two years - this is our third, and we're on contract until June, 1999. After that, we may stay or we may try for another foreign school. More likely we'll stay, as Kori will be going into 11th grade here with friends he's had since 7th grade. We have traveled (as per the picture) in Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore. Sulae went to Japan with the soccer team. I'm going to Beijing in a couple of weeks to present workshops and participate in the CERCOS (Central East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools) conference. Gary just went to Taipei for a pysch teacher/counselor conference. And we're going to Bali, Lombok and Komodo (to see the dragons) in Indonesia at Christmas. Obviously, one of the big perks in this job is the travel!

I am going to ask for time off to attend the reunion. When in California, I live in Los Osos, California, about 8 blocks from Linni Downey Schanberger. The photograph above was taken in December, '96 at Busuanga Island, Philippines. Kori is now 14 and Sulae is 17. I'm still is Gary."
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