Durk Ellison

We recently received an E-mail from Durk Ellison

This is the only picture I have from [High School]. If I remember correctly it was taken summer 58 a few months before I joined the Army.

After the Army I went back to school. One of my professors at UCLA, who was there on a Fullbrite, invited me to come to Finland. I met my wife at Helsinki University. I then worked in various trades i.e. Nokia Digital Laboratories, Scientific Data Systems, Bush Pilot, Intel and Comten. Then ITT Data asked me to join them as their Technical Data Communications Manager.

I retired from ITT Data ( now Alcatel ), bought a small farm and have taken up beekeeping and grow Arctic Bramble Berries (Rubus Arcticus L.) as a research project. Just to keep my hand in, I Webmaster the Finnish Beekeepers' Association WEB site at http://www.sci.fi/~sml and the Apitherapy Reference Database WEB site at http://www.sci.fi/~apither.


        I have two sons. From left to right in the picture to the right :

        my son Patrick's girl friend - my oldest son, Patrick - my youngest son, Erick, - me - my wife, Maire.
        The oldest son is currently studying computer sciences and the youngest has just started high school.
        My wife passed away from breast cancer two years ago.

     This is the first reunion I've heard about. How often do you have them?

This is me at my farm with my son Erick

Selling our honey and beeswax candles
at the local farmer's market

Erick and I working one of the bee hives

Kind regards,
Durk Ellison
Vantaa, Finland

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